“It has been 8 days and I already see a difference in my life. It is like my mind opened… “

- Nellie


“I tried to go skiing and wasn’t really able to do it. Then after a few visits I was able to start going again. Things started moving in the right direction– and then I have been 20 times this year.”

- Noah


” I reached a breaking point earlier last year when I experienced a migraine for about three months. Since I have been coming to see Dr. Terry I have been migraine free for four months. Not one migraine– it’s magic. “

- Julie Stephens


“After one month of coming in for tractions and adjustments my headaches went away– and now after several months of traction with the spine, the curvature in my neck is back in a normal range.”

- Caitlin Guerrie

Kristina & Aiden

“We never get sick…””Its made a bigger difference in our lives than anything I’ve ever done for my health “

- Kristina McKnight


“My experience with chiropractors spans over a decade and the experience with Dr. Terry has been amazing. He is irreplaceable. He knows exactly how to fix my back. “

- Vanessa Williams


“Through D.r Terry’s education– through the traction– through seeing him two to three times a week, I now have a healthy life.”

- Chris Sonier


“My squats, bench and deadlifts have all gone up quit a bit. So I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is looking to have better posture.”

- Tim Lagae


“Im just feeling a lot better so my quality of life has improved and so I’m quite thankful that I got pointed in this direction.”

- Mark Anderson


“What Dr. Terry has done is nothing short of a Miracle and amazing.”

- Julie Dowen


“I am already seeing more clearly– I was having incredible challenges with my vision, with my digestion with my brain function and my energy levels…”

- Tasha Darwent


“I am so much better– it is amazing– I don’t have any more strange symptoms…” My range of motion is even better than it was 10-15 years ago.”

- Jerri Mason

Get Directions